Is It Time for a New Car Battery From Your Ford Dealer?

Car Battery

Your Ford’s battery is a vital component. Without it, there’s no easy way to start your car. The battery will last, on average, for three to five years before it needs a replacement. If you experience battery problems in Hollister, CA, as your local Ford dealer, we can fix them for you. These are some of the signs that it may be time for a new car battery.

Corroded Terminals

Your battery contains several different chemicals which are used in the complex process that allows it to store electricity. Over time, these chemicals start to break down due to their reactions with each other and the other battery components. Sulfuric acid is one of the main chemicals, and it releases hydrogen gas as it degrades.

This hydrogen gas can escape the battery, combining with other chemicals in the air and forming hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide forms a  salt-like substance around your battery terminals and begins to corrode them. Corrosion will make recharging the battery more difficult and cause the battery to degrade faster. If your battery is showing signs of corrosion, we will need to replace it.

Dim Lights

As your battery gets older, it becomes more difficult to recharge, and its maximum charging level also falls. This combination of events gradually reduces your battery capacity. The reduced capacity means that your battery won’t be able to supply enough power to the systems that need it. You can see this if you examine some of your car’s systems when the engine is switched off.

When the engine isn’t running, your battery supplies power to the systems that need it. Common signs of a weakening battery are dim lights on your dash and a dim dome light in the cabin. You can test this further by switching on the headlights. If your headlights are dim, your battery is slowly failing. We advise bringing your car into our service department so we can test your battery.

Check Battery Light

The battery-shaped light on your dash represents your Ford’s electrical charging system. This light is connected to sensors attached to the battery, the alternator, and other parts of the electrical system. These sensors monitor the components they’re attached to for any signs of trouble. When the battery light comes on, this is a sign that there’s a problem in the electrical system.

This problem could be a worn alternator, a loose electrical connection, or a sign that your battery is failing. The sensor attached to your battery may have detected the resistance to charging that develops in an aging battery. The low voltage produced by a weak battery could also have alerted the sensor. Our technicians can test your electrical system and fix any problems they encounter.

Your car’s battery will never just fail; it will always display signs that it’s wearing out. If your battery gives you cause for concern, call us at Greenwood Ford.

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