How to Tell When You Need a Brake Repair at Your Ford Dealer

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Most drivers don’t think about their brakes very often. Brakes are just expected to work as soon as the pedal is depressed. Your braking system has numerous parts, and any part can wear out. If your brakes fail, this can result in a serious accident. You’re in luck if you’re in the area of Hollister, CA. Your friendly Ford dealer is right here to help you when you need a brake repair.

Dragging Brakes

Your brakes should release as soon as you take your foot off the pedal. If you still feel resistance, and your foot isn’t on the brake, you have a brake problem. The two possible causes are the parking brake is still engaged, or one of the calipers is damaged. Many drivers forget to disengage the parking brake. If the brake is still on, the wheels will drag.

The calipers house the brake pads. When you apply the brakes, hydraulic pressure from the brake fluid pushes the calipers against the wheel rotors. The brake pads press against the rotors, and this action stops your car. If one of the calipers is damaged, it won’t disengage when you move your foot off the brake. The damaged caliper will keep the wheel stationary, and this will cause a dragging feeling.

Hot Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is kept in a reservoir near the master cylinder. When you step on the brakes, a signal from the master cylinder causes the reservoir to release fluid. The fluid flows down the brake hoses and exerts the pressure needed to push the calipers again the rotors. If you have been using the brakes a lot, especially in hot weather, the brake fluid doesn’t get time to cool down.

If you smell the odor of burning chemicals, the hot brake fluid has probably started to boil. When brake fluid gets too hot it cant exert hydraulic pressure. Without this pressure, your brakes won’t work. We advise pulling over as soon as possible, and letting the brake fluid cool down. Once the fluid has cooled, give our service department a call. Our technicians will check your brake system for the source of the problem.

Car Pulls to One Side

As we’ve seen, dragging brakes can be caused by a damaged caliper. A similar problem can also cause your car to veer towards one side. A damaged caliper can sometimes jam open rather than closed. When you step on the brakes, both front calipers should engage. If your brake system is working normally, your car will stop.

An open caliper will cause your car to pull towards the opposite side. This occurs because the working caliper engages and the damaged one doesn’t. Your car will automatically pull towards the side that has a working brake.

Brake problems can have serious consequences. If your brakes don’t seem to be working properly, call us right away at Greenwood Ford. Our technicians will fix your brakes.


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