Does Your Ford Need a Transmission Repair?


Ford makes fantastic, long-lasting cars and trucks! However, there are parts and components of any vehicle that can wear out or break over time. Here are some important signs to watch for that tell you it’s time to visit your Ford dealer for a transmission repair.

1. You See Fluid Has Leaked Out

Keep an eye on the space underneath where you commonly park for new fluid spots. If the fluid is red and/or sweet-smelling, this is likely transmission fluid. Visit your mechanic as soon as possible so they can find the cause of the leak and fix it before more damage happens.

2. You Feel the Gears Slipping

If your vehicle starts to rev up for a gear change when you don’t need a gear change, or you can feel the gears slipping in and out of their proper formation, this needs attention immediately. It can be dangerous to drive without having control of your gears, plus if this is left unfixed it can damage your gearbox and transmission even further.

3. You Have Trouble Switching Gears

If you’re manually switching gears and notice they seem to be sticking or grinding this is a sign your transmission is having difficulties. Even if your vehicle is automatic, if you feel it struggling between gears, this is created by transmission issues. This seems scary, but it can simply mean your fluid is low, so get it checked out as soon as possible.

4. You Hear Strange Noises

If your vehicle is in neutral and you hear new, strange noises you should tell your mechanic immediately. These noises often mean that your transmission fluid is old and dirty and starting to clog up the system. This is fixed with an easy flush, but if it’s not done quickly it can lead to costly damage.

5. You Smell Something Strange

Burning smells coming from your vehicle are typically not normal and should be checked out as soon as possible. It could mean your transmission fluid is getting old and putting off a burning smell, or it could mean your transmission is overheating because it’s working too hard.

6. You Can’t Get Your Gears To Change at All

If you get no response from your vehicle when you’re trying to change gears this signals something is wrong with your transmission and it needs attention now. You may especially notice this if you’re attempting to move from park into drive. Don’t force your car into another gear because this can lead to even further damage.

7. Your Ford Dealer Mentions It

If you’re visiting your local dealership for regular maintenance, they should be checking the major components of your vehicle. They will let you know if you need any repairs on your transmission.

The professionals at Greenwood Ford are proud to offer you a stress-free car buying and maintenance experience every time. We’re happy to answer all your questions and assist you in finding your next vehicle. Visit Greenwood Ford for an interactive tour of our vehicle inventory, get a quote, apply for financing, or book a service appointment.


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